A level results day - what to expect

Students can come into school anytime after 9am on results day to receive their A level results


It’s a nail biting time for students and parents alike as Bolingbroke’s first ever A- level results day looms on the horizon.


Students should come into school any time from 9am on Thursday 15th August in the Commons to find out whether all their hard work and study has paid off, though we advise that students should log onto UCAS first thing in the morning before coming into school to determine the status of their university application.


“UCAS typically updates at 6am, though often the system is overwhelmed by the sheer volume of people trying to log on at once, and often crashes, so please bear that in mind that you may need to try several times before successfully logging in,” said deputy director of sixth form and head of year 13 Mr Knight.


Members of the sixth form team will be available on the M floor to support students who wish to go through the clearing or adjustment process or to offer any advice. Clearing has now opened for students who have no current offers or who would like to explore new courses thathave places available. The list of available clearing places can be found here: https://www.whatuni.com/university-clearing/


If students narrowly miss out on either their firm or insurance offer, they may wish to ask for papers to be remarked so they do not lose out on a university place. This should only be done in cases where students are close to a grade boundary and when teaching staff are in support of this. This referred to as ‘priority review of marking’. Requests for this must take place by 4pm on 16th August to ensure universities have a chance to reconsider applications. Please

note that re-marks are chargeable to you at a variable rate starting from £61.20 per paper. In addition, students will need to be on-site to sign a form stating they wish to have theirpapers re-marked. This cannot be done by a parent or carer.


“I look forward to seeing the Class of 2019 on 15th August and celebrating their successes. Should you wish to contact me further, please do not hesitate to email me,” added Mr Knight.

More information about the remarking process can be found here: https://www.cife.org.uk/article/getting-remark-a-or-gcse-exam/