Love in the time of Corona - Year 11 gets creative on the writing front

Tuesday 31 March 2020

Year 11 pupil has produced a passionate piece of creative writing, Love in the Time of Corona, a play on the title of the best-selling Love in the Time of Cholera novel by the Colombian Nobel-prize winning author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Our Year 11 pupils have been producing some excellent examples of creative writing, and one in particular, Love in the Time of Corona by Francesca stood out.  Commended by English teacher Ms Alabi for the "pasionate writing", she added that "this demonstrates what can blossom in our pupils in such uncertain times. 

Here is Francesca's excellent piece. 

Love in the time of Corona

By Francesca, Year 11

Epidemics are like wars: feelings prevail. We are all trying to give a sense, a sense of this whole surreal situation. Coronavirus, it came without warning, invisible. It is traveling miles and miles around the world in a few days, showing that distances do not exist, there are no distinctions between us. We are in it as a whole world. These epidemics don’t look at your skin color, your nationality, your age. So now I think, maybe this virus wants to give us a message?

It is showing us that distances do not exist around the world for it; but the distances between us must be taken to defeat it. And it is perhaps at this point that feelings prevail.

LOVE. DISTANCE. CORONAVIRUS. There is an immense contrast, complicity and obstacles between those. Of all feelings, love is the one most affected by this virus. But I believe that there are some positives things. We are now realizing the importance of the little things that happen around us: the time we spend with those we love must not be wasted or stay away from our family members if they are at risk of becoming infected, and last but not least, the love for ourselves. Because it is now that we realize we only have one life. Only one.

Love. Corona. Love during corona. They do not sound right. How can you still believe in love when you don’t know when you are going to see the ones that you love again? How can you not get caught up in melancholy? Because the worst thing is to take away your freedom. Your freedom to love. But, during this discouraging time, the main thing to share our love, is the distance. And, as my beloved Italian country says, ‘we are far today to hug each other stronger tomorrow’.

If we all love each other, we will come out stronger than before. Because, love has always won over everything.