Name of new Bolingbroke House announced

Monday 15 June 2020

Bolingbroke's new House will be named after the British/Jamaican nurse Mary Seacole who overcame considerable racism to go and work in the Crimea

Bolingbroke has a new House, and pupils have voted overwhelmingly to call it Seacole, after the Jamaican/British nurse Mary Seacole.

Pupils were asked to submit nominations after an inspiring person from a Black, Asian or other minority ethnic group.

She was nominated by 17 pupils, staff and parents and was the most popular nomination by a long stretch. Each pupil will receive 100 Be Bold points for their suggestions. The new house will be represented by the colour purple.

Mary Seacole overcame considerable racism and sexism to be allowed to work as a nurse in the Crimea, and used her own money to set up a hospital where she tended the wounded. She even rode out on horseback into the thick of the battlefields to rescue injured soldiers, risking her life and displaying immense bravery in the process.