New charity to promote social mobility, with Bolingbroke a founding member

Asantewaa, Tanisha, Amina and Jada at King’s College, London

 A new charity set up to improve social mobility has Bolingbroke Academy as one of the founding schools. 

The Elephant Group is committed to improving social mobility through the power of collaboration amongst school leaders and the wider education sector, with one of its key missions to get the top third of its students into the top third of universities.

"Today in the UK it remains the case that access to the most selective universities is significantly determined by family income, said  Bolingbroke's Elephant Group lead Karen Robinson, adding that a full 65% of private school pupils access high tariff universities, compared to only 19% of non selective state school.  Even more disqueting is the fact that a mere 4% of disadvanted pupils gain access to the top universities, while  Oxford and Cambridge have been  accused of being so socially exclusive that they recruit more students from eight top schools than almost 3,000 other UK state schools put together.

It is these iniquities that the charity wants to tackle. 

The Sutton Trust says pupils from eight schools filled 1,310 Oxbridge places over three years, compared with 1,220 from 2,900 other schools.

"We are delivering a programme of activities and events for students, supporting their attainment, aspiration and applications," continued Ms Robinson. "This includes day conferences, a residential summer school, course application guidance, preparation for university admissions tests, trips and other experiences to broaden students' horizons."

Along with a number of schools in other academy chains Bolingbroke's  current partners in this charitable venture are: Kings College London, University of Exeter, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, DFE and the Office for Students.

'Working with different schools allows us to share expertise and contacts to ensure our students are given the best possible chance to progress to the top universities. Being part of the group ensures that all our sixth form students have access to a range of activities which they would usually struggle to access."

Source; The Sutton Trust