New STEM lab

Tuesday 21 June 2022

With the help of our community, we’re now in full flow building an amazing new science lab at Bolingbroke Academy! This has been entirely funded by the support of the Parents Association's fundraising events and generous donations from Bolingbroke families. Through our Spring Fair, Holiday Raffle, Vinyl Night, Fundraising Walk, Race Night, Bake Sales, Moveli Boards, Killik & Co sponsorship and direct donations Bolingbroke PA has been able to donate a whopping £51,000 to build the new science lab in a disused room on the top floor of the school. 

The lab will feature a special food science area and a brand new, fully equipped STEM classroom to provide additional capacity for advanced-level studies.  The pictures below show the work in progress and at the bottom of the page you can see the plans for the finished lab.

We’re delighted to see the plans come to fruition for the benefit of the pupils and teachers in our neighbourhood school (and we’ll admit we’ve had quite a lot of fun in the process, too!).

There are always new projects to fundraise for at our busy and ambitious school - we appreciate all of your help in supporting and creating our events and fundraisers. 

Please click here to to visit our Parents Association website for pictures of the work in progress - it’s looking GREAT!

It’s so exciting to see this happening at our neighbourhood school and it’s entirely down to the commitment, creativity and generosity of our amazing community of parents, carers and sponsors and the vision of our school leadership!

We’re sending out a massive Thank You to all who have helped make this vision a reality.