New year 12 cohort learn about leadership in induction session


The new year 12 cohort on their induction day, learning about the finer details of leadership

Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, King Jong-Un and Martin Luther King may not appear to have much relevance to today’s students.

But these are just some of the most famous and influential world leaders who our latest year 12 cohort, and the future class of 2021, learned about during their recent induction session which focused on the topic of leadership.

Headed up by their individual tutors, the 80 new students of whom 60 are internal and the remaining 20 from other schools, found out about different leadership styles as exemplified by various world leaders, and discussed their achievements and impact on the world.

The students were also asked to analyse their own leadership styles, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, and how they could best use these at school.