Physics in action - students hear about mysteries of the universe, and the practical application of physics

Bolingbroke's A level Physics students finding out about the practical application of physics in the real world - and the secrets of the universe!

The physics of smart buildings, discovering the mysteries of the universe and electrifying the voice were just some of the topics which a group  Bolingbroke physics A level students discovered more about at a recent Physics in Action day in central London. 

The intention of the event was inspire interest in the subject, and give some very real life examples of exactly what it is that physicists do. 

World class speakers delivered a number of thought provoking displays and presentations, including a talk by Michael de Podesta, MBE, on the recent changes to the definitions of the kilogram, ampere, delving and mole. Ozak Esu, the technical lead in smart buildings at the Centre for Smart Homes and Buildings discussed ways in which physics employs creative ways to manipulate a building’s indoor and outdoor environment to influence its performance. 

How the voice works and how it has been changed by technology was another fascinating subject explained by Trevor Cox, Professor of Acoustic Engineering at Salford University. Using examples from opera to hip-hip he showed how physics, psychology and neuroscience can help explain diverse singing styles. 

Astrophyscist Jen Gupta then spoke about exploring the invisible universe and discussed some of the unsolved mysteries facing cosmologists today.