Please donate to the Bolingbroke Foundation and help to enrich our pupils' education


Music is just one of the extra-curricular activities that are funded by the Bolingbroke Foundation, which parents and carers donate to on a voluntary basis


It’s said that charity begins at home, so we are asking all parents and carers to donate to the Bolingbroke Foundation to enable us to continue to provide an all-encompassing education for your children, beyond the narrow confines of the academic curriculum.


Since our inception in 2012, Bolingbroke Academy has seen its founding cohort achieve excellent GCSE and A level results and go on to top universities, apprenticeship schemes and gap years.


But we wouldn’t have been able to support our students, help them achieve such great results and broaden their horizons without additional financial support from parents and carers.


Bolingbroke runs a voluntary parental contribution scheme whereby we ask all parents to contribute a small regular amount to the school to enrich the quality of our children's education. Voluntary contributions are now commonplace in many state secondary schools and a number of primary schools have also introduced similar schemes.


We would suggest a regular donation of £100 per term per family, although you are welcome to give more if you are able, or if you have more than one child in the school and wish to reflect that in your donation.


We want to encourage as many families as possible to give additionally via small, regular donations. Even if you are unable to give the recommended minimum amount, we would value any regular donation you can afford.

All information relating to donors and donations remain confidential and the Head teacher and teaching staff do not have access to information on which families are giving via this scheme.

The funds raised via parental contributions are used to enrich the educational activities provided to our children, and allocated to such activities including dance, drama and the arts, music, sport and physical activity, which often fall outside the National Curriculum and don't attract the funding they deserve. The regular nature of the contribution scheme enables us to plan in advance our expenditure on educational activities such as debate mate, theatre trips, museum trips, rowing, sports events and competitions, Duke of Edinburgh and university trips.

We do hope you’re able to contribute and we very much appreciate your continued involvement in enhancing the education of our students.

Thank you very much on behalf of the School Governors, Parents’ Association and the Principal, staff and pupils of Bolingbroke Academy.


To donate to the fund, please go to our JustGiving page here.