Principal's Breakfasts and Afternoon Teas

Thursday 22 October 2020

It gives me enormous pleasure to meet our top 5 highest receiving House point winners rhis week for either a breakfast of pancakes, maple syrup and/or strawberry compote or afternoon tea with our chef's wonderful chocolate brownies.

My favourite quote of the half term came from Oscar (Class of 2025 – Year 9) who said “this school sees you for who you are.”

Our Top 5 winners in each Year group are:-

Class of 2027 (Year 7): Luke, Samiullah, Fred, Sergio and Solomon

Class of 2026 (Year 8): Melia, Salim, Valentina, Kathleen and Lola

Class of 2025 (Year 9): Oscar, Adam, Iolanda, Pooja and Zane

Class of 2024 (Year 10): Nasra, Zoe, Emily, Noah and Valentina

Class of 2023 (Year 11): Eva, Simie, Luci, Theo-An and Ibrahim

Class of 2022 (Year 12): Myles, Damari, Nyashia, Freddie and Mariejoy

Class of 2021 (Year 13): Jack, Curtis, Marcel, Alex and Atticus

Ms C Edis