Refugee week to educate pupils about humanitarian crisis

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Over five million Syrians have been forced to flee from their homes, with two in three children experiencing a war related loss, and now facing a very uncertain future

Over 22 million refugees worldwide, half of them children, are forced every year to flee their homes and communities to escape conflict, violence and persecution, and this week Bolingbroke is holding a special Refugee Week to raise awareness of the issues.

This is aimed at all year groups and according to Ms Kennedy, is designed to help pupils show their compassion for refugees across the world.

“We want Bolingbroke Academy pupils to fully understand the impact of conflict and climate on wider society and the plight of refugees who have to flee from these challenging situations,” she said.

Falling into the personal development category, Refugee Week will include a speaker, Yvette Younane who works for the Red Cross and will be sharing her stories on helping refugee teens who live in London.

As part of the project , pupils are being asked to educate themselves about refugee life by reading, watching videos and taking action by filling in a form It aims to create awareness by discussion with family and friends, posting on social media, and contributing by donating to the Red Cross or Save the Children.

Over five million Syrian refuges have fled their homeland, with two in three children suffering a war related loss, be that the loss of a loved one, or had their house destroyed by bombing, or endured injures. Half of children are no longer in school, and missing out on critical learning.

In South Sudan, children are facing a deepening crisis and since the outbreak of fighting in 2013 humanitarian needs in South Sudan have escalated to alarming levels and 2.1m people have been forced from their homes. In Burundi, meanwhile over 428,00 people have poured into neighbouring countries since the post-election crisis in 2015.


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