Remembrance Day

Thursday 11 November 2021

Pupils and students at Bolingbroke Academy have spent this week learning about and reflecting on Remembrance, which we marked at 11am today with our traditional performance of 'The Last Post' followed by a whole school observation of the national two minute silence. Damari in Year 13 played a very moving rendition of the traditional bugle call, which rang out across the neighbourhood from our balcony. This was live-streamed in to classrooms so that everyone could hear.

Ms Edis (Principal) and Mr Newey (Lead History Teacher) have met each year group for assemblies, where the theme of Remembrance has been explored through poetry, pictures and videos. Pupils were also fascinated to learn about the part our building played in previous conflicts, most notably the fact that a section of it was hit by a V1 flying bomb in 1944 and subseqently demolished. We are now working with Wandsworth Heritage to work on a permanent memorial at this site.