Staff celebrate World Book Day by dressing as their favourite literary characters

Friday 06 March 2020

From left to right, Ms Maddock, Queen of Hearts; Ms Knight, the White Rabbit; Ms Edis, Alice; Mr Rye, the Mad Hatter; Ms Brookes, Tweedledum; Ms Green, Tweedledee; Ms Orchin, the Caterpillar; and on the floor Ms Kennedy.


As per the school tradition, pupils arrived at school on Thursday to discover their teachers had assumed a new identity, as staff and sixth formers had dressed up for the day as their favourite book characters in celebration of World Book Day.


The core team dressed up as characters from Alice in Wonderland, including Ms Edis naturally assuming the role of Alice, while Ms Maddock made a splendid Queen of Hearts, and Ms Knight the White Rabbit.  Spare a thought for poor Ms Orchin who spent the day sweltering in her sleeping bag/caterpillar costume!


The admin team who gained their inspiration from 101 Dalmations


There were a fair few wand-waving wizard wannabees floating around the school too from our Humanities department!

As part of a school wide competition, pupils took on the role of investigators guessing which characters their teachers had dressed up as. Bonus points were awarded to those who could name the book the character was from.


The Art team as Twoflower and Nanny Ogg from Terry Pratchett's Discworld series

A huge thank you to all staff who put such a huge amount of effort into their costumes and made it a very special day for all.

Music department staff dressed up as Where's Wally

The Library staff showing off their Little Women costumes