Success for Bolingbroke debating group as they sail through to next round of competition

Curtis giving his carefully considered arguement in favour of limiting air travel to one a year per person during the debating competition

Limiting flights to one a year per person was the motion that Bolingbroke succesfully argued in favour of at a recent school debating competition.

Arguing passionately that people should curb their use of air travel for the sake of the environment, our young debaters put forward their views eloquently and with flair, which resulted in them making it through to the first round of the English Speaking Union's School Mace debating competition last week.

Representing Bolingbroke in the competition were Year 12 Ella,  Curtis and Atticus. All three students gave impassioned speeches and the judges commended them on their confident delivery and style - Ella was even compared to environmentalist campaigner Greta Thunberg!

Ella, who was compared to environmentalist Greta Thunberg by the judges, taking to the floor in defence of the motion

Atticus' role was to give a summary speech in which he had to respond to point made by the 'floor', students from other schools, only moments earlier.

Bolingbroke hosted the first round and were joined by teams from Emanuel School, Thames Christian School, Putney High School, Lady Margaret School and Ashcroft Technology College.

The evening was chaired by Oghale Erikigho, whose role was to introduce all pupils and motions as well facilitating questions from the audience.

As well as participating in their own debate, the students also took part in the floor debate on two other motions: 'This house would make voting compulsory' and 'This house would abolish trial by jury'. The three highest scoring teams from the evening overall progress to the next round of the competition, and we are proud to announce that Bolingbroke were in the top three!

We will reveal how they get on in round two in the Spring term.