Summer reading bingo competition open to all!

Sunday 12 July 2020

With more time to read than ever before, Bolingbroke Library is challenging the entire school community to get involved in its summer holidays book bingo competition.

It's open to everyone, including pupils, staff, families, sixth form students and prosepctive Year 7 pupils - a great chance to get ahead and earn Be Bold points for the next academic year! With even more time to read than ever before, we would like as many of you as possible in our community to get involved.

How to play: Choose a bingo grid and cross off the boxes as you read. We recommend that leisurely readers choose the blue ‘where to read’ grid whilst pacey readers go for the yellow ‘what to read’ grid (you can complete both if you are a super reader!)

Plenty of Be Bolds will be awarded for completing a row or column so hold onto your grids for September.
For 3 boxes completed, readers will be awarded with Bronze (10 Be Bolds).
For 6 boxes completed, readers will be awarded with Silver (15 Be Bolds).
For all 9 boxes completed, readers will be awarded with Gold (25 Be Bolds).

Email your grid to Ms Meddle once you have completed with the subject BINGO!


Useful links
- Children’s Classic E-books and Audible -
Selection of children’s literary classics, available to read or listen to. No sign up needed.

- Audible -
A new service providing free audible books for children and teenagers. No sign up needed.

- World of Stories Audiobooks -
A selection of audiobooks, completely free. No sign up needed.
- Many Books -
Free downloadable e-books, mostly classics. No sign up needed.
- The Book of Hopes -

A free E-book available online with a selection of short stories, poems and book excerpts from well known children’s authors.

Photographs welcome! If you want to share your Book Bingo adventures, please email your photo to c.meddle@arkbolingbrokeacademy and earn extra be bold points.