Win the chance to name a new Bolingbroke house


We want you to come up with a member of the BAME community to name our new house after - Nelson Mandela is just one example


A new Bolingbroke Academy house is to be introduced to mark the resilience of our pupils, parents and staff during these challenging times when we are learning remotely, and we want ideas as to what to call it. In September, a group of pupils in our Class of 2027 Year 7, Class of 2026 Year 8 and Class of 2025 Year 9 will be the first members of this new house.

So that all members of our community are involved in the development of this house and to ensure we choose the best possible name and colour we have decided to run a competition open to parents, staff and pupils.




You should choose someone who is a member of the BAME (Black, Asian and Mixed Ethnicity) community because we want our houses to reflect our diverse community. The person you choose should have passed away as we want our house to represent history. This person should also have displayed courage, or embraced technological developments.  


Entries close on the 11th May 2020. We will then publish a shortlist on 14th May for the academy community to vote for the winner.



You can submit your entry to the new house by clicking the link below:


Entries gain +6 Be Bold Points

Shortlisted gain +50 Be Bold Points

The Winner gains +100 Be Bold Points