Year 13 student Neesha on her time at Bolingbroke and her plans for the future

Currently sitting their A levels, the founding cohort of Bolingbroke are reaching the end of their school journeys. In between their revision we caught up with some of these students to find out about their experience of Bolingbroke, the highlights of their time at the school, and their plans for the future.


First in the spotlight is deputy head girl Neesha who is currently working hard for her A levels, and has been at the school since year 9 when she joined from Burntwoood.


What has been the biggest highlight of your time at Bolingbroke?

It would definintely have to be mixing with such a variety of different people who come from different backgrounds who have different stories. They have made me into a better version of myself and for that, I will always be thankful.



What will you miss most about school?

I am really going to miss my English Literature class; the amount of inside jokes and laughs we have all shared together over the past two years are countless and I am going to miss each individual in that class as well as our two amazing teachers.


What advice would you give to any students considering joining Bolingbroke Sixth Form?

think it is entirely dependent on what type of student one is, I have had my ups and downs during 6th form, but I have learnt a lot about becoming more independent and sorting out situations myself without the help of my parents.


What are your plans for the future?

I am taking a gap year in which I will be travelling to South America as well as working in order to save as much money to extend the trips I have planned. However, once that year of rest and fun is over, I will be going to study a joint honours degree at University in English Literature and Spanish.


And what about results day? What will you be doing?

The celebration is all dependent on my results. Hopefully I will do well and if that happens then I may convince my parents to add another trip onto my gap year, accompanied with them taking me out for a drink.


What are your plans for the summer?

I am planning on working as it is the most expensive time to go away in the year. I also want to take full advantage of my student oyster card before it runs out. I also want to get a TEFL qualification and DBS.


What are your career aspirations beyond further education?

I am not entirely sure about my future as at the end of the day I am only 18. But I love giving back and I would like to use the languages I speak in my career possibly working for a company that needs me to travel a lot as well as use my linguistic capability in Spanish, English, Hindi and Gujurati.