Year 13 student scoops coveted apprenticeship with top US media company

Year 13 Bolingbroke student Haney has been offered a coveted apprenticeship with top US data and media company Bloomberg and will be starting in the role this summer.

She will be one of five people working in the company’s Bank-based global data department as from August, and admits she is both excited and nervous about taking up the two year data analyst training post.

“Doing an apprenticeship offers me the chance to learn and earn at the same time,” she said. “I will be able to apply what I’m learning to my job role which is amazing.”

Ultimately Haney would like to study for a degree in paramedic science, which is what she had applied for at university before she decided to go down the apprenticeship route. “I took a leap of faith and withdrew my UCAS application to apply for Bloomberg,” she explained.

The application process for the apprenticeship was rigorous, and entailed an initial phone interview, followed by an assessment day where the applicants had to complete tasks similar to what would be expected of a Bloomberg employee using the company’s main product to answer customer questions, and a second task involving data taken from companies.

Hanay described the interview process as “nerve wracking” and admitted to feeling she didn’t do as well as she had hoped. However, her fears were clearly unfounded as she was soon offered a place with the company. “I did not think I performed as well as I could on the last interview but clearly I have to give myself more credit seeing as I did something right to get the apprenticeship,” she said.

“After the apprenticeship I hope to continue being an employee at Bloomberg by ensuring I work hard to show my commitment and motivation to learn, and hopefully be offered a permanent job.