Year 7 Concert

By Lukas Hoare

Overall, the Year 7 concert has been one of my most thrilling yet. Full of performances, performers and a whole variety of instruments including Samba drums, Guitars, Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, Piano and most accompanied by voice (solo or group). Starting with a ‘Brazilian Boom’, the Samba drumming was a great opener to the showcase concert. The atmosphere rose as each performance topped off the one before, always stunning the audience. The concert impressed; many were amazed to see how many pieces year 7 had learned and just how well they were performed.

After the crashing Samba start, the performance kicked off. By the time it came to my first song, ‘Yesterday’ by the Beatles; a 60’s classic, I was trembling with fear but also excitement. Performing felt natural and enjoyable as it livened up the church. The next song came, ‘Vois sur ton chemin’ from Les Choristes, and it was by far my favourite. My solo of the first verse took a lot of courage and bravery. I trembled with fear but felt fine once I’d started. The whole performance was great and astonished me how good it could be. More and more instrumental and vocal performances went on until the last, biggest performance. ‘Mr Blue Sky,’ a song loved by most. It came to the last performance and everyone was in a good mood. Singing along with the spectacular year 10 orchestra brought a smile to my and the whole of the audience’s faces. It was a brilliant way to end the concert, especially pleasing Ms Edis.

The concert ran smoothly for the most part and was an amazing experience for every year 7 who performed. Of course none of it could happen without the staff. A large thank you from everyone to all of the staff in the music department: Head of Music, Ms Breckon and all the music tutors Ms Kirby-Ashmore, Mr Vincent and Mr Favre. And a very big mention to Ms Riley for not only also being a woodwind music tutor, but also organising the whole thing including keeping all the year 7’s in their place! All in all, I am very grateful to everyone who took part in organising the concert and also well done to all the courageous people who performed.

Photo: Esther Authier-Labille