Young artists showcase work in virtual gallery

Wednesday 08 July 2020

In the art department we have been busy creating a Key Stage 3 virtual gallery to display the incredible work that our amazing pupils have been creating over lockdown (we couldn't fit every work in, even though we wanted to! so have picked a small selection). As you walk round you will be taken on a journey through year 7, 8 and then 9 before coming back out into the garden area. Each artwork has the name and year of the pupil, as well as a short description of the work if it is clicked, this will also center your view on the work. 

To navigate around the exhibition viewers can use the arrow keys on their keyboards, or click where they want to move to. To look around you can click the mouse and drag side to side. Sadly it isn't as well supported on mobile devices, so best viewed on a laptop or computer to get the full experience!

We are very proud of all our amazing artists (including the ones who didn't manage to have work included) and glad to have found a way to give them a chance to exhibit their incredible works and share them with community.

Click the link to view