Annual Speech Day & Prize Giving Ceremony 2017

Tuesday 10 October 2017

Annual Speech Day & Prize Giving Ceremony 2017

Transformation House, St Johns Hill, Battersea was truly transformed on Friday September 22nd for Bolingbroke Academy's Annual Speech Day & Prize Giving Ceremony. 

A packed audience, arrived to wonderful music played by our talented musicians, the ceremony was then started with a rousing welcome from Principal Ms Edis and first viewing of the new welcome video which focuses on the journey that pupils make through their education at Bolingbroke Academy. The video can be seen here:

The Jazz & Funk Band then played 'Treasure' with brilliant singing from Megan Rowland before we welcomed our Guest Speaker West End star Cassidy Janson who gave a fantastic talk of her journey to the pupils, students, staff and parents. 

Pupils and students were on tenter hooks, desperate to find out who had won the acclaimed awards this year. A huge congratulations to all nominees and the winners who are as follows: 


Art & Design

Senior: Turner Award Cup: Dill Shepherd

Junior: Michelangelo Award Cup: Jessica Agar


Senior: Oscar Wilde Award Cup: Jasmine Meddah

Junior: David Gyasi Award Cup: Marti Perramon-Holgado


Senior: Thomas Hardy Award Cup: Destiny Nicholas-Brown

Junior: Malala Yousafzai Award Cup: Archie Miles


Senior: David Attenborough Award Cup: Tanisha Addicott

Junior: Morgan ARK Award Cup: Ella Holman


Senior: Amanda Vickery Award Cup: Eugenie Faure

Junior: Edward Gibbon Award Cup: Jessica Ward


Senior: Paul Marshall Award Board: Theo Rooney

Junior: Carl Friedrich Gauss Award Board: Emir Kaya

Junior: Pi Challenge Award Cup: Tom Cannane

Modern Foreign Languages

Senior: Clifford Bax Award Cup: Daniella Araujo

Junior: Babel Award Cup: Rachel-Ann Delhaise


Senior: Henry Purcell Award Shield: Nina Cannane

Junior: Ethel Smyth Award Shield: Louis Faure

Physical Education

Senior: Fred Perry Award Shield: Yahya Miah

Junior: Greyhound Award Shield: Amir Sultan-Edwards

Excellence in Reading

Senior: Mabel Lucie Attwell Award Cup: Davide Castejon

Junior: Quizzitch Award Cup: Bella Grimsey


Senior: Michael Faraday Award Shield: Jahieem Fagan

Junior: Erskine Clarke Award Shield: Sebastian Flori

Junior Ever Courageous Trophy: Zoe Love
Senior Ever Courageous Trophy: Salma Awale
Be Bold Cup: Daniel Ford

Parents Association Award Shield: Elizabeth Oddono

House Competition Award Shield: VERBIEST

Gold Greyhounds:

Tanisha Addicott

Zayd Addicott

Myles Beckles

Mabel Shepherd

The Vote of Thanks was announced by Kaydena Smith, Linden Mercurius and Arthur Kergall.

Following a lot of cheers and applause the Bolingbroke Academy Choir, Staff Choir and Senior Band led a fantastic rendition of 'All You Need Is Love'.

Our heartfelt thanks to all those who attended the ceremony and a special thanks to the Trustees of Transformation House for permitting us to use such a great venue, enabling us to have the whole Academy all together.

To read more detail about the day please see The Courageous Hound Issue 3 here