The English Speaking Union

Bolingbroke Academy & The English Speaking Union

On Thursday 25th January, Bolingbroke Academy hosted the South West London heat of the English Speaking Union public speaking competition.

Pupils from Bolingbroke Academy were joined by teams from Putney High School and King's College School. Atticus Jackson and Charlotte Howcroft took the role of speaker, each delivering a five minute speech.

Atticus Jackson gave a fabulous speech on 'Is the pen mightier than the sword?' using historical examples of the church's power as well as the success of the re-cent #metoo campaign to convince the audience that it is indeed the pen that is most mighty.

English Speaking Union

Charlotte Howcroft spoke with great passion on 'Harry Potter - has he stood the test of time 20 years on?'. Charlotte's impressive knowledge of the Harry Potter series and its wider wizarding world astounded the audience and the way she highlighted Rowling's confidence at dealing with key teen issues of family, love, friendships and death made a compelling argument.

English Speaking Union

Jess Ward and Ivy Madoc Jones took the roles of chairperson for the evening: introducing the speakers, summarising their key ideas and creating a warm and friendly environment for all.

Tom Cannane and Oghale Erikigho were tasked with questioning speakers from other schools on their chosen topic to further the audience's understanding and challenge the opinion of the speaker. Both pupils demonstrated excelled listening skills and posed insightful questions to their speakers.

English Speaking Union

Bolingbroke Team won - Jess Ward, Atticus Jackson and Oghale Erikgho came in second place overall. Well done!