Sports Leaders UK

Sports Leaders UK

Sports Leaders UK

Bolingbroke Academy's first cohort of Sports Leaders UK were visited by the Sports Leaders UK external moderator earlier this month, to review and award the 2017 course. 

Sports Leaders UK work with over 2000 organisations and 90,000 young people every year across the UK to upskill them through formally recognised leadership awards and qualifications.

Designed with today's education landscape in mind, the courses, deliverable through a wide variety of subjects are the perfect vehicle to improve the vital skills and employability prospects of young people of all ages and abilities. Students learn and hone their skills in communication & leadership, boosting their confidence making them more employable and have the ability to help lead others.

The pupils embraced every aspect of the course with a very positive attitude and very much enjoyed the course as they were keen to tell PE Teacher Ms Dempster.

Liam Campbell-Griffiths said "Sports leaders had allowed me to develop and harness my skills in a positive way and has ultimately benefitted me going into Year 11."

Tanisha Addicott explained "Sports Leaders has helped me to develop skills such as leadership as well as my confidence which I would not have otherwise had the opportunity to. It has been a really positive experience which I can use in the future."

Daniel Ford said "Before Sports leaders I didn’t have a lot of confidence but after the experience I feel like I have gained a lot of confidence. Which I can now take into the future and help me with interviews."

We are absolutely delighted to announce that our cohort of Leaders had a pass rate of 90.3% with 28 pupils passing the qualification. Huge congratulations to the following pupils and future Sports Leaders!

Tanisha Addicott, Zayd Addicott, Salma Awale, Ellie Mai Benbow, Myles Brinkley-Phillips, Tyriq Brown, Liam Campbell-Griffiths, Hannah Cheeseman, Adam-Mehdi Djebbar, Isaac Erikigho, Daniel Ford, Dwight henry, Alliyah Johnson, Faris Kabbouh, Yacoub Lemrani-Alban, Jasmine Meddah, Yahya Miah, Lily Miller, Malakai Nelson, Ryan Piggott, Shammai Pusey, Memphis Reid, Megan Rowland, Ellis Rowland, Christian Sarpong, Dylan Scott, Shakir Walker-Dehaney and David Williams.