Rewards Trips : Brighton - A day at the seaside!

Rewards Trip to Brighton

Rewards Trips: Brighton - A day at the seaside!

On Thursday 19th July, 30 Bolingbroke Academy pupils from Year 10 took the 9.30 train from Clapham Junction for a fun day out in Brighton!

We were all very excited, chatting and catching up with our friends, and I am pleased to report we arrived safely with no recorded incidents! On arrival at the seaside (an hour later) we split up into groups. My group went vintage clothes and jewellery shopping in the Lanes with a few purchases on the way.

Rewards Trip to Brighton

Another group went straight to the pier to play on the machines in the arcade and ate fish and chips!

At some point in the day, each group took time to sit on the pebble beach and enjoy the sun and calm of the sea. Later on, we all met and Miss Davidson who very kindly bought us all an ice-cream or donut before we headed back to the station for the return journey home. A great day was had by all - oh how we do like to be beside the seaside....