Sixth-former Sara presents her fashion show which highlighted how people with disabilities could access modern fashion

The world of fashion and academia collided at the end of last term as sixth form student Sara put on a fashion show with the aim of celebrating diversity for her EPQ.

All A level students in year 12 have to complete the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), which enables them to study a subject of their choice in depth, and Sara plumped for the fashion theme to celebrate different ethnicities, as well as presenting clothing by brands who have campaigned for diversification.

"I have always been interested in fashion and expressing myself through what I wear since I was younger, but the industry itself is something I didn’t know too much about,” she said. “When considering what to do for my EPQ I decided it would be interesting to focus on something I am passionate about, but didn’t already have too much knowledge about; through doing this, I could learn new skills along my journey of the EPQ as well as focusing on a topic I am interested in.”

As part of the project Sara designed a pair of trousers for her collection which cater to people with disabilities, enabling them to access modern fashion without having to struggle to get dressed. “The clothes from the fashion show were those of brands who support and are working towards a more diverse fashion culture,” continued Sara.

Roping in her friends to act as models, Sara says that while she was quite nervous before the event, all the planning she had put in place beforehand meant that on the day any nerves were soon allayed. “Overall I was definitely pleased with how the show went, and I would do it all over again,” she said.

So has Sara been inspired by her experience to pursue a career in the fashion world? “Although I do love fashion, and the EPQ has taught me many things about the industry, I would actually like to go into the media and music in the future, although fashion will always play a big part in my life.”

The EPQ qualification is recognised by universities as being worth half an A level, so while an A grade in A levels will give 48 points, an A at EPQ would give 24.