Charity gives Bolingbroke students careers guidance and advice

Leaving school and deciding what career you want to puruse and what degree to study can be a daunting time for young people. With more choice than ever before, it can easily become an overwhelming decision. Step forward the charity My Big Career which has been providing invaluable help and support to Bolingbroke students since 2015.

My Big Career employs careers advisors who visit schools and interview pupils at year 9, 12 and 13, as part of its efforts to help boost social mobility, and to give less well off children a helping hand at the start of their careers. It wants to address the fact that a million under 24 year olds are currently out of work and only 5% of university of places are taken by disadvantaged students. Meanwhile, only 7% of students in England and Wales attend private school, but over half of doctors were educated in the fee paying sector.

Bolingbroke has been fortunate enough to benefit from this service, and over the past three weeks nearly all year 9 pupils have received a a 20 minute one to one interview, after which they receive notes and feedback from their advisor after half term. The purpose of the interview is to discuss GCSE choices, talk about plans post-GCSE and what career path the pupils may wish to follow in the future.

There are 10 pupils who will have their interview in June, while Year 12’s met with the the advisors to discuss degree and apprenticeship choices. "Our mission is to provide free one to one careers guidance to young people from all backgrounds and to break down barriers to social mobility, says My Big Career on its website. "Our advice is delivered by professionally qualified advisers volunteering from within the independent sector. These individuals are motivated by their shared passion for making career and educational opportunities available for all - regardless of background, affluence or connections."