"Pastoral work is my passion" says new head of Year 7

Art and drama teacher Jordan Thomas who has been at Bolingbroke for three years has recently been promoted to head of year 7. We caught up with him to find out what his plans are for the development of the year group, the importance of inclusivity, and what his key priorities are.

How did you feel about being made head of year 7?

It's a hugely exciting role for me and I was very happy to accept the responsibility. Pastoral work is my passion and with this role I can reach out and help to build a respectful and bold culture from the ground up with a really interesting and inspiring group of young people. Seeing all their faces in the recent weeks and getting to know them and their families has only made me more excited and enthusiastic to start. They have so much potential and so much character, I cannot wait!

What are your priorities for the year group?

My priority at the moment is to ensure an inclusive and respectful culture is built from the start. Every pupil should feel welcome here from day one, just as I have and I believe that this inclusiveness is so important to help the pupils forge friendships they could cherish for the rest of their lives. These pupils are destined to become respectful leaders in our society and that starts here, with the opportunities we offer and the culture we establish.

Do you plan on introducing any changes?

No big changes planned yet! We want to continue with our Thankful Thursdays which Ms Namatovu introduced with the current year 7s this year and work to build on what respect looks like and why it is important to have respect for ourselves and others. As you might have noticed, the term respect is a huge word for me and I will be bringing this in as our key word in the year group.

What else have you been involved with at the school?

I have also run the photography and graphic design enrichments as well as the pupil council in the past and currently I'm teaching drama to year 7 and 8. I've been the deputy head of Klein, head of Klein and deputy head of the current year 7s, as well as an interim head of Art during my time here and each role has given me an incredible look into the lives of the pupils and the culture of the school as well as how to be a leader and build leadership in others.