To be or not to be an actor - that is the question!

Bolingbroke pupils are being given the opportunity to tread the boards and try out their acting abilities, while gaining essential skills in reading and interpreting the work of Shakespeare as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival.

The largest youth drama festival in the world, with over 30,000 students participating each year, its ultimate aim is to create a diverse showcase of talented future actors.

Pupils from all year groups are eligible to enter the auditions for Hamlet, which are being held on July 3rd, will consist of several different elements.

“We will have a group activity to observe how the pupils work together and the chemistry they could have on stage as an ensemble,” explained English teacher Indy Alabi, who started at Bolingbroke in January. “Then we will have individual auditions possibly getting them to read a few lines of the character they want to play. It would also be very interesting to see how they ALL perform Hamlet's most famous speech "To be or not to be..."

David Tennant performing Hamlet's famous soliloquy

It’s not necessary to possess any prior acting experience, all you need is bags of enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. There are around 17 key characters to cast, but also a number of roles for the general court of lords and ladies.

Once the roles have been allocated, students then have to learn their lines within a deadline, by which time they must be able to read completely off script. Weekly rehearsals will then take place to refine and perfect the performance.

“It is not a competition but rather a way to teach skills of teamwork, importance of understanding a body of work and performance,” added Ms Alabi.

The performance will then travel to the Exchange in Twickenham to perform the 30 minute piece to other schools who will do the same.

Pupils who are interested in auditioning should collect a script from Ms Alabi or Ms Wilson.