Collapsing tents, lost kit, all part of the DofE practice expedition for Year 9s

"Now listen to me very carefully"..... Ms Bridges giving out advice to her attentive group

After monsoon-like rain earlier in the week, the elements were relatively kind to 60 year 9 pupils who last weekend headed off into the wilds for their practice Duke of Edinburgh expedition.

Relaxing at the camp

While the ground was still soggy underfoot, with the paths wet and muddy, it could have been much much worse, and the sun even made an intermittent appearance, according to the trip leader Sally Davidson. The expedition saw the intrepid pupils head for Gilwell Farm in rural Essex, where they camped for the two nights of the trip.

Wheeee! This is fun!

Alfie, who ate like a caveman and slept like a baby was fascinated by all the wildlife he saw en route, and loved camping and cooking outside with Ned. “It was physically hard work, but fun,” he said. Meanwhile, Josiah took so much stuff he couldn’t find his walking boots or sleeping bag, while Theo and Dad did such a terrible job of putting up their tent that Mr Rye and Mr Borley had to step in to help re-erect it at 10pm and much hilarity ensued when Mr Rye got chased by a stray greyhound.

Home from home for the boys

However, as Ms Davidson points out, the whole purpose of the trip is that it is a a trial run so that pupils know what to expect during the assessment proper on July 12th. , and hopefully the pupils will have learned through trial and error.  


"I'm sure my dry socks are in here somewhere....."