Local gospel choir seeking new members urges Bolingbroke pupils to join up

Singer and director Cecelia Wickham Anderson, founder of Black Voices and leader of St Michael's Gospel Choir wants Bolingbroke students to join up

A local gospel choir led by a world-class director is looking for more members, and is particularly keen for Bolingbroke students to get involved.


The St Michael’s Community Gospel Choir is funded by two local charities on the basis that it would be an intergenerational choir, and while there are a mixed age group of adults the young people’s section is currently small and in need of some fresh blood.


The choir is led by director Cecelia Wickham Anderson who sang  on the Oscar-winning sound track of “Black Panther” and has a huge international reputation as singer and director. It is funded by the Wandsworth Grant fund and the Battersea Power Station Foundation

The priest in charge at St Michael's, The Reverend Tiffany-Alice Ewins who is urging Bolingbroke students to sign up for the choir- and free pizza!

“We are really proud of how the choir are getting on but we need a new injection of young participants in September when we will begin preparing for a Remembrance celebration that focuses on our freedoms and the need to protect them in present, rather than just conflicts in the past.,” said the priest in charge, Reverend Tiffany-Alice Ewins.


We think there are a number of young people in the area who may not think much of themselves but who could grow in confidence and life chances by being part of a choir where they will be encouraged and valued and where they will participate in something that makes them proud.”

St Michael's Church in Cobham Close where the choir rehearses on a Monday evening


Rehearsals are held every Monday at the church between 6 – 7pm for school students, and 7pm – 9pm for adults. It is free to join, and even includes pizza!

The current term runs until July 15th so there’s still time to join up and give your vocal chords a good workout!


St Michael's Church, Cobham Close, London, SW11 6SP. www.smwc.online