Open mic night gives Bolingbroke musicians chance to showcase their talents

Some Bolingbroke pupils taking to the floor on the open mic night

Report by Mikey Wilson

Fresh Ground Café was the welcoming venue for yet another wonderful night of Bolingbroke music, with fantastic musical ability on display  throughout the evening, from pupils in years 9-13.

All manner of performances were on offer, ranging from the Basement Boys’ ‘Californication’ (Red Hot Chili Peppers), to The Verge of Frenzy’s rendition of ‘Here Comes the Sun’ (The Beatles), to Basic Shades’ ‘Hard Day’s Night’ (also by the Beatles). We also had solo performances such as Glen Trevis’ outstanding ‘Creep’ (Radiohead) and Finn Morgan-Murrell’s own ‘Too Late’.

The appreciative audience during the session held at the Fresh Ground cafe last week

The songs that were played were all rehearsed by the pupils of their own accord, with very little dependence on the music tutors – testament in itself not only to the talent of our musicians, but also to the fantastic work ethic and love of performing instilled in them by everyone involved in the music department.

Special thanks must go to Michelle, who was so kind in inviting us to perform and establish a connection between the Fresh Ground Café and the wider community, as well as giving our pupils another platform on which to enjoy playing their favourite songs. We all hope that this can become a regular occurrence, so enjoyable was the evening!