From EPQ to enrichments, Year 12 learn about sixth form life at Bolingbroke

Ms Gelder, head of humanties and head of year 12, spoke to students and parents at an information evening on life in the sixth form

Last night an information evening was held at school for our latest Year 12 cohort and their parents, in which they found out about what the year ahead has in store at the start of their A level curriculum.

First they were introduced to the year 12 team, including the director of Year 6 Chloe Orchin, the head of Year 12 Emily Gelder, the research and development lead Karen Robinson and deputy director of sixth form and EPQ co-ordinator Alex Knight.


Give us a B, Give us an O......Cheerleading - just one of the many and varied enrichement activities available to Bolingbroke students

Attendees learned about life in the sixth form, what the civitas groups entail, opportunities for student leadership roles and the numerous after school enrichments which are available.

Mr Knight also talked about the EPQ projects, where students embark upon a assignment of their own choosing, which can be counted towards UCAS points.

Ms Gelder went on to highlight the importance of the students setting their own goals, and also the high expectations that the school sets for its pupils, including 100% attendance, punctuality and a positive mind set.

She then explained the house system and how to gain house points and earn privileges through excellence in attendance and behaviour.

For those expected to get top grades, Cambridge or Oxford could be a university destination

There was also information for the most academically able and ambitious students (those with mainly 8s and 9s in their GCSEs), wishing to study at Oxford or Cambridge, or possibly to pursue a career in medicine, veterinary medicine or dentistry.