Former Bolingbroke student awarded sports scholarship to prestigious US university

Aliya Henry  who has been awarded a tennis scholarship at a top US university is looking forward to spending time in Arizona

A former Bolingbroke Year of 2019 student has been awarded a sports scholarship to a prestigious university in the US.

Aliya Henry, who left Bolingbroke at the end of last term, has been awarded a tennis scholarship to Eastern Arizona College.

“I am excited by the opportunity to represent EAC for tennis while at the same time studying towards my Psychology degree,” said Aliya who joined Bolingbroke at the start of year 12.

“I really enjoyed my time at Bolingbroke 6th form and I’ve made some really good friends there. Previously I attended a tennis school with my little brother who sadly passed away in July 2016. Our dream was always to work hard to become professional tennis players. The last four years of my life have been challenging and so I’m really happy to be back on track and in a place where I get to really focus on developing as a tennis player.”

Aliya’s mother went to university in the US, so this is not completely unknown territory for the family.

"I''ve been to America quite a bit and so I already know that I like the lifestyle,” she said, adding that her plan is to be in the US for four years with the possibility of staying for a fifth year to complete her Masters.

“In terms of future career, I’m just going to work hard as an athlete and academically as a student because that way my options are wide open. I’ll miss my family most but I’ll see them soon.”