Social media – a force for good or something to worry about? Join the debate

John Carr, OBE, who specialises in young people's internet usage, says children may seem very tech savvy, but need to learn how to stay safe and protect themselves online

It’s one of those issues that has modern parents tearing their hair out. Do our children spend too much time on social media, and what are the implications? Is it harmful, or can young people actually benefit from being active online?

St Luke’s in Battersea will be holding a debate on this very issue next month and would welcome contributions from B0lingbroke parents and pupils. The topic is “Social Media: Good or Bad for children and young people, and will be held on Tuesday November 19th at 7.15pm.

Aaron Vallance, a consultant at CAMHS and another of the expert speakers at the debate

Expert speakers include Sean Curran, the BBC’s presenter on Today in Parliament; John Carr, OBE, a leading authority on childrens’ use of the internet and new technologies who has acted as advisor to the UN, the EU and the UK government; Director of Research at the Oxford Internet Institute Andrew Przybylski, who has published research on both the positive and the negative effects of the internet on young people; Claire Levens, Policy Director of Internet Matters which helps parents support their children to get the most out of the internet while keeping them safe; Aaron Vallance , a consultant in Surrey’s Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services ( CAMHS); and Ravi Kothakota, Deputy Head, Pastoral, Emanuel School.

Tickets are £5 and are available here or at the door.

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