Bolingbroke Visits Oxford University

This Summer Term Bolingbroke Academy pupils have two opportunities to visit Oxford University. Please see below for more details.


Oxford University Summer Eights Trip

By Miss Donaldson

Eleven year 9 pupils got up bright and early on the last day of Half Term to travel across to Oxford University.

Despite the heavens opening on us as soon as we arrived, the pupils

enjoyed a quick tour of the sights of the town.  Our first stop was the Biochemistry department, where PhD student Jonathan Neve told us about his research.  He told them about how the study of cells has moved on since the Human Genome project started in 1990.  It originally took 13 years to map the Human Genome – now it can be done in a matter of 3 days using a sequencing machine!  Jonny explained how his research is focussed on one very small part of our genes.  The pupils were fascinated that you can spend 4 years working in such detail, and asked some excellent questions.


Our tour continued with a wander through the Bodleian Library and towards St Peter’s College for lunch.  The pupils ate in the 19th century Dining Hall with current students.  I particularly enjoyed being back at college, and can definitely report that the food has improved since I was studying there!  Three first year students of St Peter’s gave them a tour of college, showing pupils where they live, work and socialise.  The pupils were very careful to be quiet in the library, where students were busy revising for their Finals!


We spent the afternoon down at the River Isis, ready to cheer on teams in the annual Summer Eights races.  This is a highlight of the university calendar and features a series of ‘bumps’ races, where crews line up along the river bank and race in single file.  The aim, literally, is to ‘bump’ the boat in front before you get bumped from behind!  Luckily, the sun had come out by this time and so we were able to enjoy an ice cream by the riverside.  Pupils particularly enjoyed watching the start from Donnington Bridge – thirteen boats launching from the start to the sound of a cannon is an impressive sight.  We were lucky enough to see some bumps (and a crash or two!) before heading back to London.

It was a busy and tiring day, but the pupils were a real credit to the Academy and got a lot out of seeing lots of different aspects of life at Oxford University.


Aspiring to University: Christ Church College

By Ms Robinson


Our annual year 7 trip to Christ Church College, University of Oxford took place on Tuesday 9th June. 20 year 7 pupils took a tour of the college, had a picnic in the first year garden and explored Oxford with the help of Hannah Wilbourne the Access and Outreach Officer. One of the highlights of our campus tour this time was going in to the Cathedral at Christ Church college, a student was playing the piano and the atmosphere was amazing.