Bolingbroke Alumni and Patrons Programme

The Alumni and Patrons Programme will allow parents, carers, family members and our community of supporters to make an annual gift or a one-time donation to celebrate a child’s time at Bolingbroke or recognise the contribution made by the school to their and others’ education and development.
We will use the funds raised through the Alumni and Patrons Programme to support pupils’ progression to the next stage of their lives beyond school and for their long-term development. Initiatives we seek to fund include coaching programmes and training courses, books and materials to support university and apprenticeship applications, specialist equipment and materials for higher level or enabling study and enrichments. We may also use funds from the Alumni and Patrons Programme for investment in buildings and facilities.
For those donating £500 or more through the Alumni and Patrons Programme, with your agreement, we will honour your donation by mounting a plaque in the school. The plaques reflect a tradition of the Bolingbroke hospital founders and benefactors who are listed on boards inside the building.
We truly value and are very appreciative of all gifts from our alumni families and community patrons.