GCSE Excellence

Friday 13 August 2021

A magnificent achievement – well done!

Congratulations to the Class of 2023 (Year 11) for achieving a superb set of GCSE results and continuing their studies at Bolingbroke Academy Sixth form.  We are immensely proud of all that they achieved during their 2 year GCSE course especially in light of 2 terms of distance learning.  We are grateful to our young people, teachers and support staff who live out our vision and values day in and day out.  We are a courageous, compassionate community – empowering excellence.

A shout out to 3 exceptional individuals; Bella, Haja & Jacques for achieving a magnificent 28 Grade 9s between them.  A magnificent achievement - well done! Quotes from these three pupils are below:

Bella: "I am absolutely delighted with my results and can’t stop smiling! During the (seemingly never ending) lockdowns, I worked really hard and spent many long hours revising after a full day of online lessons. I know that this has been repeated (many times) but doing exams during a pandemic was so challenging. Stress came from not only the pressure to muster up enough energy to revise but also the dizziness of living in a time packed with such uncertainty. I was utterly exhausted but now my energy has replenished knowing that the hard work has paid off.  My school - Ark Bolingbroke Academy - did a phenomenal job in supporting my year and I through the lockdowns and i know how lucky I am that there was not a gap in my learning. I am so proud of my friends and everyone for not only getting through the lockdowns but also having the courage and determination to sit many more exams than what would normally be required. This will be a period that will go down in history for its disruption and trauma but also one where students across the country have overcome such adversity to perform so well in their exams"

Earlier this year, Bella spoke to The Guardian about the exams process which you can read here.

Haja: "My reaction to getting all grade 9s was that of shock and pride. After two stress-inducing academic years, being in and out of lockdowns and changing between distance learning and being on-site, seeing my results was such a rewarding feeling. Knowing that I had made my mum, my family, my friends and my school so proud is something that I’m truly overjoyed about. My results are indicative of an incredibly supportive school environment that reacted so flexibly to the two academy lockdowns, adjusting everything so that we were able to be supported remotely. Alongside that, I feel nothing but appreciation for my teachers who installed a secondary belief system in me, being there to relieve me of my stress, but also ensuring that I could do everything in my power to get these results.  I could not be more elated with these grades and I hold so much gratitude for everything that my school has done in aiding me to achieve them."

Jacques: “Receiving my GCSE grades during the holidays, I was hugely proud yet surprised at myself. Yet I realised that everything I had achieved was thanks to those surrounding me, both at Bolingbroke and at home. In each subject, my amazing teachers constantly supported me and pushed me to go further, through moments of success as well as hesitation or difficulty. Despite the arrival of a global pandemic, and even in distance learning, I continued to feel the presence of a community within Bolingbroke, whether in person or through Teams calls. I look forward to prolonging my time and education at this school for the next two years while remaining among teachers and friends.”